Although artist Charlie Tuesday Gates wouldn't call herself a taxidermist, she has achieved acclaim for her artistic works rendered via the medium of taxidermy - you might have seen last summer's exhibition 'The Museum House Of Death'.

Sticking with the taxidermy theme, she next week brings her latest work, a cabaret themed show starring a number of deceased creatures, to the Vault Festival.

Of course I was interested. Who wouldn't be? I sent over some questions to to Charlie to find out more about her show, how she got into taxidermy-ing, and what all this is like, for a vegan. You can read the interview here.

'Sing For Your Life' is on at Vault Festival from 4-8 Mar. For more info and to book tickets, see this page here.
COMEDY: Alan Davies - Little Victories | Hackney Empire | 27 Feb
Alan Davies comes to the Hackney Empire as part of an extended run of dates for his acclaimed 2014 show, 'Little Victories'. His second show since returning from an extended break from stand-up, during which he became a household name, he shows he's lost none of the charm that got him there in the first place. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Rosie Wilby - 90s Woman | Spread Eagle, Croydon | 27 Feb
As a student in the 90s, Rosie Wilby was a writer for feminist newspaper Matrix. Upon discovering copies in her parents' attic in 2013, she attempted to track down as many of her fellow writers as possible to see how closely they'd stuck to the politics of their youth. She tells what happened next in amongst stories of her own bad perms and fruitless crushes at university in this highly rated show. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Sarah Kendall - Touchdown | Soho Theatre | 24-28 Feb (pictured)

Sarah Kendall's nostalgic coming of age tale hangs on her hard-won place on the Newcastle & District Under-Fourteens Touch Rugby team in 1992. This, she thought, would kickstart improvements in her life. But did it? Well, that's what she'll tell you. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Rich Hall - 3:10 To Humour | Battersea Arts Centre | 28 Feb
A man who surely needs no introduction, Rich Hall brings '3:10 To Humour' to the Battersea Arts Centre as part of his ongoing UK tour of the show, which will be keeping him busy up to June. Any opportunity to see this deadpan Montanian at work is well worth taking. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Todd Terje | Ministry Of Sound | 28 Feb (pictured)

Having received high acclaim for last year's 'It's Album Time' album, Norwegian producer Todd Terje will be performing live at Ministry Of Sound as the guest of Rinse FM. As well as Terje, there will a stellar bill of DJs keeping things going through the night. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: J Fergus Evans - Rove | Battersea Arts Centre | 24-28 Feb

Through a mix of poetry and folk music, 'Rove' sees J Fergus Evans deliver family anecdotes and folk tales. With the accompaniment of Rhiannon Armstrong, he unravels the stories and wonders where they will go next. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: BattleActs! | The Vaults | 18 Feb - 1 Mar
Given a four star review at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe by ThreeWeeks, 'BattleActs!' pits two teams, each improvising wildly against each other. But who wins? Well, the audience, of course. And whichever team they think was best. And comedy. Find out more in this TWL interview. Details and tickets here.

COMEDY: Henning Wehn - Eins, Zwei, DIY | Leicester Square Theatre | 26 Feb - 8 Mar (pictured)
Henning Wehn has been living in the UK for more than ten years now, but he still can't work out some of our national quirks. Expect discussion of property ownership, currency, class and more. There may be a test, but Wehn will give you all of the answers in advance. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Hellscreen | The Vaults | 25 Feb - 8 Mar

Inspired by Ryunosuke Akutagawa's classic Japanese horror story, Rachel Parish's 'Hellscreen' mixes film, music, immersive design and theatre. Action unfolds on stage and in film sequences created by Susan Luciani, with a starring role from performance artist Jonny Woo. Details and tickets here.
MONDAY 2 MARCH 2015 >>
COMEDY: Ruby Wax - Sane New World | St James Theatre | 2-14 Mar (pictured)
Ruby Wax comes to her new show armed with plans for how to survive the 21st century, using her considerable experience as a comedian and her recent Masters Degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: The War On Drugs | Brixton Academy | 2 Mar

Last year The War On Drugs released their third and most successful album to date, 'Lost In The Dream', scoring a top 20 placing in the UK charts. Tonight they bring that album (and parts of the other two, I'd imagine) to the Brixton Academy. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Tinashe | Heaven | 2 Mar

If you only have the capacity to remember the name of one rising R&B star, then Tinashe wouldn't be a bad one to pick. Following a series of acclaimed mixtape releases she released her debut album 'Aquarius' last year, also to pretty uniformly positive reviews. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Metz | 100 Club | 3 Mar
Life-affirmingly loud Canadian punk trio Metz will be in London for a show to promote their upcoming new album, 'Metz II', tonight. Did I mention that they'll be loud? They will be loud. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Susanne Sundfør | The Scala | 3 Mar (pictured)
Susanne Sundfør's new album 'Ten Love Songs' has already been called as album of the year by our sister site CMU, and there are plenty of other reviews to back up that bold assertion. But how is she at performing live? Also brilliant, as you'll find out at this show. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: The Honey Man | The Albany Theatre | 3-4 Mar

Set in rural England, a reclusive beekeeper attempts to save his dying colony, when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with the teenage heiress to the nearby manor house, finding an unlikely link between their very different backgrounds. Details and tickets here.

MUSIC: Yelle | Village Underground | 4 Mar (pictured)
French pop trio Yelle released their Dr Luke-produced third album, ‘Complètement Fou’, last year - its title a reference to the reception they received while supporting Katy Perry in the US in 2011. If your French is a little rusty, head down to Village Underground tonight for an idea of what it might mean. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Benefit | Pleasance | 3-8 Mar
Sarah Woods' 'Benefit' tells the story of three characters struggling with their present, past and who they are, detailing their lives, loves and the social systems they have come to depend upon. Presented as 'forum theatre' by production company Cardboard Citizens, the audience is invited to debate the play after watching it and change the course of the story, if they wish. Details and tickets here.

THEATRE: Push | New Diorama Theatre | 3-14 Mar

Adapted from the novel of the same name, 'Push' follows the story of Precious who, growing up in Harlem in the 1980s with abusive parents has two children by her own father by the time she's sixteen. After being suspended from school she joins the ‘Each One Teach One’ alternative school and finds new inspiration for her life. Details and tickets here.
COMEDY: Rob Auton - The Face Show | Soho Theatre | 5-7 Mar (pictured)
Following on from 'The Yellow Show' and 'The Sky Show', Rob Auton's 'The Face Show' promises to appeal to "anybody who has a face or has seen somebody with a face". If that includes you, then head on down. Details and tickets here.

FESTIVAL: Sprint 2015 | Camden People's Theatre | 5-29 Mar

Not far off its 20th year, though still a sprightly teenager at present, London's biggest showcase festival for new and unusual theatre returns. This year's programme includes plays covering everything from the death of Alexander Litvinenko to explorations of online identity and government snooping. Details and tickets here.

FESTIVAL: Women Of The World | Southbank Centre | 1-8 Mar

Now in its fifth year, the Southbank Centre's Women Of The World festival returns with another incredible programme of events celebrating women. Covering music, art, theatre, interviews, debates, talks and more, there's a huge amount to discover, learn and enjoy. Details and tickets here.
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