A brand new series of the TW:TALKS podcast kicks off today, as we talk to people appearing at this year's Vault Festival. This week, Adam Scott-Rowley, who is bringing his one-person show 'This Is Not Culturally Significant' - which scored 5/5 from ThreeWeeks in Edinburgh last August - to the vaults. Only this time he's performing it naked.

TW's Chris Cooke caught up with Adam to find out why. Click here to tune in to the latest edition of TW:TALKS.

'This Is Not Culturally Significant' is on from 15-19 Feb at the Vault Festival - info here.

If you are a bit of a historian like me (it's a very small bit, admittedly), you'll no doubt have heard of Regency fashion icon Beau Brummell, but if you are not, and you haven't, then seeing 'Beau Brummell - An Elegant Madness', which opens at Jermyn Street this week, should be educational as well as entertaining.

The play, created by Emmy Award winning writer Ron Hutchinson back in 2001, has been updated for this revival. I spoke to director Peter Craze, to find out more. Read the interview here.

'Beau Brummell - An Elegant Madness' is on at at Jermyn Street Theatre from 13 Feb - 11 Mar. See this page here for details.

We've been fans of Theatre Ad Infinitum for some years now, and their latest show did not disappoint when our reviewer saw it up at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. It's a highly charged piece of physical theatre which, while telling a personal story, also shines a light on the complex politics of the North American Free Trade Agreement and its effects on the people of Mexico.

To find out more about the show, which begins a run at Battersea Arts Centre this week, I spoke to two of the play's performers, Deborah Pugh and Charli Dubery. Read the interview here.

'Bucket List' is on at Battersea Arts Centre from 13 Feb-4 Mar. See the venue website here for more info.

I'm always pleased to see a fresh approach to a classic, and Blackeyed Theatre's new adaptation of 'Frankenstein', set aboard ship and featuring a very tall puppet, sounds amazing. Luckily for Londoners, it's headed to Greenwich Theatre for a short run as part of a UK tour.

To find out more about the show I put some questions to director Eliot Giuralarocca. Read the interview here.

'Frankenstein' is on at Greenwich Theatre from 7-11 Feb, see the venue website here to book your tickets.


Growing Pains | Battersea Arts Centre | 10-11 Feb
"Carrying the weight of the world in his JD sports bag, a working class lad trades his bag-head mates for a one-way ticket out of Salford". This spoken word drama featuring original songs had a sell out run and great critical responses at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe, and is now on a UK tour. See this page here for all the info.

The Listening Room | Old Red Lion Theatre | 7 Feb-4 Mar
This is a verbatim piece created by Harriet Madeley that explores life death and justice via real life accounts, the true stories of five people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by a single violent crime. It sounds fascinating. For details and to book see the venue website here.

The Depraved Appetite Of Tarrare The Freak | Wilton's Music Hall | 30 Jan-18 Feb (pictured)
Argh, I thought we had already tipped this and now we are half way through the run! Noooo! But never mind, let's be a bit glass half full about this, because you can still see it tonight. This "monstrous chamber opera for puppets" tells the story of the titular historical figure who ate all manner of weird rubbish and was always hungry. Click here for more.


The Pitchfork Disney | Shoreditch Town Hall | 3 Feb-18 Mar
This revival of Philip Ridley's acclaimed 1991 debut play is being staged in the basement spaces of Shoreditch Town Hall, and promises an immersive and claustrophobic experience. It's as relevant now as it's ever been, and this production has a classy looking cast, so definitely put this in your diary. See this page here to book.

The Hunting Lodge | Unicorn Theatre | 31 Jan-6 Mar
And now, from something that sounds vaguely like it might conceivably be for children but clearly isn't, to something that sounds like it's probably aimed at adults but is in fact aimed at older kids and teenagers. It sounds rather instructive, as it offers "a playful side-swipe at society's obsessions with celebrity and its unrealistic romantic ideals", which, let's face it, is probably important, when young people are constantly being bombarded with the evidence of other people's allegedly perfect lives. Head this way for details.

The Wunderkammer | Vault Festival | 11 Feb (pictured)
And over we now go to that limelight-hogging Vault Festival (my fault, not theirs, actually theirs, programming all that good stuff) for a session of very excellent improv inspired by Ted-style talks from experts, enthusiasts and inspiring speakers,  courtesy of the absolutely marvellous Do Not Adjust Your Stage. Click this link here for more.


Glitter Punch | King's Head Theatre | 8-25 Feb
"16 year old Molly is seeking an escape from a difficult upbringing plagued by an over worked mother and alcoholic stepfather. When she collides with the mysterious John, the two embark on a journey of forbidden love, pushing the boundaries of conventional romance and forcing us to question how far we would really go for the one we love". This new play from Some Riot Theatre had a great run in Edinburgh, and now you lucky Londoners get to take it in too, see the venue website here for details.

On The Edge Of Me | Vault Festival | 12 Feb (pictured)
Back over to the lovely Vault Festival now, for yet more lovely stuff, but this is only on once, so don't go thinking you'll see it a different day. 'On The Edge Of Me' returns to London following a UK tour, and tells the story of Remi, a university graduate embarking on the rite-of-passage journey of finding a job, and herself. Expect spoken word, dark comedy, audience interaction and live music. Click here for more.

Ulla's Odyssey | Rich Mix | 12 Feb
Go on then, one for the children (well, older ones), as it's Sunday, and it's probably grim and grey outside. The excellent and award winning OperaUpClose perform their family friendly opera about a fourteen year old girl attempting to be the youngest person to sail the world single-handedly, and the strange and sometimes mythical objects she encounters on the way. Suitable for 7+, see this page here for info.


Bucket List | Battersea Arts Centre | 13 Feb-4 March
Set in the currently rather topical Mexico-US borderlands, 'Bucket List' tells the story of Milagros, whose mother is murdered for protesting corporate and government corruption, and who is determined to make those responsible pay for their crimes. This one's already had much critical acclaim and is the work of the brilliant Theatre Ad Infinitum. See the BAC website here for more.

How (Not) To Live In Suburbia | Soho Theatre | 13-18 Feb
Our reviewer in Edinburgh last summer loved this show. And the one above, too, actually. Yes, same reviewer. True story. Anyway, this is a witty, engaging, funny show with serious themes and dollops of heartbreaking poignancy, and is all about when artist Annie Siddons found herself "living in suburbia by accident". Head this way for details.

Pat-A-Cake Baby | Jacksons Lane | 12-13 Feb
Look, a lovely show for your little ones, based on the award winning book written by by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Polly Dunbar. Promises "a marvellous moonlit show full of riotous rhyme, zany puppets and spiffy special cake, all iced with music and songs", so that sounds appetising, doesn't it? Might go on my own. See this page here for info.


Nebula / OUT| The Yard | 14-18 Feb
This double bill, on as part of The Yard's Now festival of new and radical work, looks excellent. Nebula "examines the liminality of being mixed race and blends it with the idea that we are all seeking to find our place and our space", while OUT seeks to challenge homophobia and transphobia within Caribbean communities, reclaiming dancehall and celebrating queerness. See this page here for info.

Norris And Parker - See You At The Gallows | Soho Theatre | 14-18 Feb (pictured)
This "sordid soiree full of wild, dark and ridiculous sketches, characters and songs woven within a narrative of underlying aggression" made a very strong impression on our reviewer up at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer, and I sense that these two are destined for great things, so I suggest you pop along and soak up some of their brilliance. Head this way for details.

Worst Date Ever | Camden People's Theatre | 14 Feb
Ah, you thought I'd forgotten it was Valentines, didn't you? Well, no I hadn't, but confess I am a bit of a curmudgeon about it all (it's for single people to declare their feelings, not for couples to spend miserable evenings at cramped tables in mediocre overbooked restaurants). But here's something that's very appropriate for killjoys like me, the anti-Valentine, if you will. This will be fun, and funny, unlike the dates everyone else is going on. Click here.


New Nigerians | Arcola Theatre | 14 Feb-11
This production from Hackney born writer Oladipo Agboluaje and director Rosamunde Hutt promises " a gripping tale of conflict and compromise, setting the scene for a political revolution in 21st century Nigeria", and I feel pretty sure it will deliver. Great team, fascinating subject, head this way for details.

Vau Vanne Baby Circus - Wow Hoop | Jacksons Lane | 15-17 Feb
This one is for your really very little children, ie, no-one over the age of three. I didn't take my daughter to shows when she was under the age of three because I didn't think there was anything suitable for her, so I am kind of wishing she was still a baby right now because I would definitely take her to this. Anyway, this will be a no-doubt lovely experience, fantastic for a first time show-goer. Click this link here.

This Is Not Culturally Significant | Vault Festival | 15-19 Feb (pictured)
Back over to my beloved Vault Festival now for a show that got a startlingly good review from one of our staff up in Edinburgh this summer. This one man piece is the work of Adam Scott-Rowley, who plays a broad range of characters with intertwining stories in a brilliantly captivating performance. See this page here for info.


Summer Nights In Space | Vault Festival | 15-19 Feb
"Astronaut John Spartan has finally made it into space - only to discover that it is not all he had hoped. Stuck onboard with a ferocious alien and a moody computer, the reluctant crew of Auxiliary Transport Shuttle 4 must stave off Space Madness and work together to survive in the void". It's a glam rock science fiction musical, which sounds fun, doesn't it? How can you possibly turn it down? See this page here for info.

Villain | King's Head Theatre | 9 Feb-4 Mar
This is another one of those shows I know about because it was a bit of a hit up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and it had a big impact on our reviewer, who declared it to be "timely, relevant and deftly crafted". Beautifully written and directed by Martin Murphy, and powerfully performed by the talented Maddie Rice. See the venue website here for more.

Todd & God | Vault Festival | 16 Feb (pictured)
This is a new piece from award winning creative Richard Marsh (he co-wrote 'Dirty Great Love Story', currently on at The Arts theatre, amongst other things, and is also a slam champion) and though this is a scratch night, I think you can expect very good and entertaining things, and that slightly smug sense of being in at the start of something fabulous. It's about a slacker atheist becoming the chosen one, which sounds intriguing. See the Vault website here for details.
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