If you're looking for a fab Christmas show treat for your whole family, I reckon we have a contender in 'Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon', which is set to start its run at Ovalhouse this week. It's the work of The Wrong Crowd, a brilliant company, who we first met a while ago up at the Edinburgh Festival.

To find out more about the show, and The Wrong Crowd, I spoke to two representatives: Hannah Mulder, director of the show, and one of her company co-founders Bonnie Mitchell. Read the interview here.

'Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon' is on at Ovalhouse from 12-30 Sep, and is suitable for ages 6+. See the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.


The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat | Camden People's Theatre | 11-13 Jan
"From weird side effects to notoriety to medical complications, Em's cramming a five-month pregnancy into 45 minutes. However, as odd asit may be and though many may disapprove, this is the most exciting pregnancy the world has witnessed. Even more anticipated than any royal baby". And yes, I think it's probably best to heed the blurb's exhortation that says "don't try to make any sense of this"; just expect a rather interesting and absurd comedy looking at the relationship between humans and animals. See this page here for more.

Martin Figura - DoctorZeeman's Catastrophe Machine | Bloomsbury Studio | 11 Dec

You may remember that we interviewed Martin Figura and ran that Q&A last week. Which made it not strictly That Week in London. But I ran it then because I wanted you all to have a bit more notice of the one night only event. So, here it is, happening this week, just the once, at Bloomsbury Studio, and you can expect a lovely, poetic, experience at the hands of this award-winning-and-nominated artist. Info right here.

Unicorn Party | Camden People's Theatre | 11-12 Dec (pictured)

Yes, there were absolutely two shows on today at the Camden People's Theatre that I wanted to draw your attention to, and I have no shaming in featuring them both today. This one is from Nick Field, who, you may recall, werecently interviewed about a different project he was presenting withthat brilliant Rebecca Biscuit from Sh!t Theatre. Anyway, here he is with "a surrealist riot of stories, songs, music, comedy, and copious glitter" and a vision of a reimagined dystopian Britain ruled by a Unicorn Fascist regime. Head this way for details.


Crash | Winterville | until 22 Dec

This sounds great: "Experience heart-stopping acrobatics, liquifying aerial dance and eerie balletic pieces to a lyrical electronic soundtrack. Inspired by 19th century french ballet La Sylphide, 'Crash' is a retelling of European folktale through impressionist, mix media pop-conceptual circus". See this page here for info, and here to book tickets for any of the remaining dates.

Bad Cinderella | The Cockpit | 12-23 Dec

Not a 'Cinderella' for your kids, this one: definitely only for over-eighteens. And I imagine that fact will make it entirely alluring to at least some of the readership. "Principles and innocent romance don't last long when lust enters the picture and unimaginable riches are there for the taking. Good girls finish last for a reason, y'know..". Head this way for more. 

The Sleeping Trees Nativity - A Christmas Sketch Show | Battersea Arts Centre | 10-15 Dec (pictured) 
And finally, a Christmas sketch show from TW favourites Sleeping Trees, and this is also something you may not want to bring the children along to. Please do make sure you hire a babysitter, though, because this will be great: "Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Shepherds, Wise Men, Angels, Donkeys, Santa Claus, Elves, Snowmen, Reindeer, The Queen and Bono; will all be making an appearance in this brandy butter-soaked selection of brand new sketches". Hurrah. Details here


Kayla MacQuarrie - Traumatised | Soho Theatre | 13 Dec (pictured)

"Kayla MacQuarrie is Traumatised. She'll tell lots of jokes about it though so stick with her and it'll be ok. In her award-winning show (Best Comedy Show, Brewery Fringe) she'll cover getting hate crimed, breaking down and growing up in Essex (the thing she's still the most bitter about) all in a friendly, confessional style". Only on the one night, don't miss it, book tickets here

A Very English Christmas With Tenebrae | King's Place | 13 Dec

The very brilliant choral outfit Tenebrae are doing one of my very favourite things, and performing a load of Christmas music, on this occasion all by English composers. The programme will include Herbert Howells' 'A Spotless Rose', Jonathan Lane's 'Bethlehem Down', John Tavener's 'The Lamb', Gustav Holst's 'In the Bleak Midwinter', Peter Warlock's 'Benedicamus Domino' and Richard Rodney Bennett' 'Five Carols'. Hurrah, info here

Rapunzel | Hoxton Hall | 13-30 Dec
More pantomimery for you now (well, I'm not sure we have had one for a few days but we have certainly had quite a few over the last couple of weeks) and this time it's 'Rapunzel' at Hoxton Hall, from the same team that brought you last year's 'Puss In Boots'. "Rapunzel tells the story of the young girl with flowing tresses, locked away in a tower by an evil witch. Will the Prince rescue the heroine? Will Witcherty Grub be defeated? Will Mary Cherry, the castle cook, bake the cake in time?" Head this way for details. 


John Luke Roberts' Terrible Wonderful Adaptations - Christmas Special | Soho Theatre | 14 Dec

If you are wondering what to expect from a 'Terrible Wonderful Adaptation', allow me to explain, via the medium of quoting from the blurb: "JLR wrangles an all-star cast of the best comedians and worst idiots into creating a never-before-seen adaptation of an unadaptable text. Previous catastrophic attempts include Francis Fukuyama's discredited political treatise 'The End of History', post-structuralist Roland Barthes' 'A Lover's Discourse', the iTunes Terms and Conditions, 'Ulysses' and 'Á la Recherche du Temps Perdu'. " No word yet on what will get the treatment for this festive edition, but whatever it is, you'll enjoy it. Book here.

Can't Wait For Christmas | Orange Tree Theatre | 14 Dec-5 Jan (pictured)

"Jessie's dad has brought her a lovely little present. It's all wrapped up, and tied with a beautiful bow. She can't wait to open it, but she isn't allowed to until Christmas day. Jessie shakes it and sniffs it and tries to sneak a peek, but Dad puts it just out of her reach and keeps a close eye on it". Lovely sounding show for you with little ones aged three plus. "Join in Jessie's countdown to Christmas as she delights in all the festive treats that appear behind her advent calendar windows". Yay. Details here

Green Milk Presents Good Bois | Bethnal Green Working Men's Club | 14 Dec

Hurrah for a comedy night with a great line up, and hurrah even more that it's for a lovely cause. Green Milk are running this particular event with a view to raising as much money as possible for animal charity Blue Cross. MC Robin Jon Hill hosts a bunch of verified TW favourites: Adam Riches , Abandoman, Norris & Parker, Olaf Falafel, and Fern Brady. All the info and tickets right here


One Jewish Boy | Old Red Lion Theatre | 11 Dec-5 Jan

Our tips have been full, these last few weeks, of frothy Christmas focused treats, but here's one that is far from frothy, and highly deserving of your attention, a piece about anti-semitism, and its effect on an individual life. "Jesse is paranoid and he's frightened and it's messing up his relationship, his job, his daughter and his life, but Jesse has every reason to be frightened. From his next door neighbour and the micro-aggressions around why she would vote for Corbyn but could never support Blair, to the dinner party where his slightly left of him liberal mates can't quite grasp the difference between Likkudy foreign policy and the position of diaspora Jews". See the venue website here for more.

Cinderella - A Fairy Tale | Jack Studio Theatre | 12 Dec-5 Jan

"Ella lives in the forest with her loving and devoted father. When her father remarries, Ella is soon at the mercy of her cruel and scheming new relations. A chance encounter leads to an invitation to a ball and a hilarious and heart-warming reversal of fortunes begins, with surprising twists along the way". This promises to be a "thrilling and imaginative" new adaptation of the classic fairy tale, so if you're up for that, head right this way

Tales From Elsewhere | Soho Theatre | 12-15 Dec (pictured)

Your last chance tonight to see this, so don't miss it, if at all possible, because it's really good. "When three young whippersnappers stumble across a box of cassette tapes, leading them to the deadly secret at the centre of the town's openly suspicious Abandoned Laboratory, they are left asking: what is the cause of the disappearances? Why does everyone slap each others' backs quite so hard?" See this page here for all the details. 


Dandelion | King's Head Theatre | 16-17 Dec
The latest production from all-female theatre company Paperclip Theatre. "Margate, 1988. Clause 28 has just been introduced, making 'the promotion of homosexuality' illegal in schools. But what does that really mean for 16 year old Claire, who's just had an unexpected kiss? Or for her teacher Ann, who's determined to lead a 'normal' life with her girlfriend? With their stories interwoven, Claire and Ann are both trying to find their place in a society that's enforcing their silence. 30 years on from Clause 28, Dandelion explores the fall-out from this damaging legislation". Details here

Hansel & Gretel | The Place | 15-24 Dec (pictured)
This sounds fab, Uchenna Dance's version of the Hansel and Gretel story, which weaves different dance styles together - house, waacking and vogue with African and contemporary dance - and features an original musical score by Ghanaian composer Kweku Aacht. Looks like a very colourful and engaging adaptation, brilliant for a pre-Christmas treat for ages 5+. See the venue website here for more. 

The Boy Under The Christmas Tree | King's Head Theatre | 11 Dec-5 Jan
And back over to the King's Head theatre now for this Christmas themed comedy from Glenn Chandler: "What would you do if you found a handsome young man almost naked under your Christmas tree? This is the dilemma that faces aspiring comedian Lawrence Bennett when he wakes up on Christmas morning, after a bad gig and with a king-size hangover, and wonders if Santa Claus has finally delivered. The beautiful youth doesn't know how he got there or what his name is or where he came from". Info and tickets right about here.


Crick Crack Club - Gilgamesh | Soho Theatre | 17 Dec

"A bored king, a wild man tamed by a whore, a quest for eternal life, and the deepest secrets of the gods..". Brilliant storyteller Ben Haggarty is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Jonah Brody as he brings 'Gilgamesh' to life. "Deities are irritated and appeased by turn, supernatural beings are slain, apocalypse is averted, and our anti-hero turned hero, discovers what it really is to be a man". See this page here for more.

The Newcomers | Theatre503 | 17 Dec

For those of you who, like us, enjoy seeking out the new and the fresh, as well as anything that gives us bite size samples of anything (and not just in the supermarket), here's a collection of extracts and works in progress. It's all the work of the Five-0-Fresh: Forward collective, alumni of Five-0-Fresh, an intensive course open to young people living in Wandsworth. They're tackling an interesting range of themes and topics, and you can see the 'menu' (and book tickets) on the venue website here

Shazia Mirza | Battersea Arts Centre | 17-22 Dec (pictured)

And finally for today, I thought it was time for some comedy. And who better to ask for some comedy than a highly seasoned professional like Shazia Mirza? For lo, she is performing three shows over at Battersea Arts Centre in the run up to Christmas, and don't be put off by the fact that they are 'in progress', because it's Shazia Mirza, obv. Head this way for all the details. 
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