You probably won't be that surprised to find out that we have another Vault Festival Q&A for you this week, given how much we love said festival. This time we are focused on 'Good Day', a play with an intriguing premise set in the fairly distant future.

It was created by playwrights Daniel Bainbridge and Cam Scriven, and is staged by director Marlie Haco's company Double Telling. To find out more about the show, and the creative team working on it, I spoke to performer Annie Davison, who plays Zara.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Good Day' is on at Vault Festival from 7-12 Mar. For more information and to book see the festival website here.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Kites | Vault Festival | 7-12 Mar
As always, we're excited by all things Vault Festival, but I'm also quite pleased that all three of this week's recommendations are shows with a one word title, it makes things so tidy and neat. First up is 'Kites', a rite of passage play focusing on two girls' journey to womanhood in post-war Ireland, which explores "gender roles, sexuality, friendship, love and rage". For more information head to this page here.

Belinda | Vault Festival | 7-12 Mar
"Ruby and Rose, both at a crossroads with who they thought they were, meet for a devilishly revealing tarot reading. Their subconscious desires burst and scuttle through their attempts to resist…" Another promising show, this one exploring the migrant experience of queerness, the weight of past relationships and queerbaiting. Lots more information on the festival website right about here.

Fanboy | Vault Festival | 7-12 Mar (pictured)
Here's one that really impressed our reviewer at the 2022 edfringe and it's not the first time its creator - Joe Sellman-Leava - has inspired a five star review from one of our writers; it happened with previous show 'Labels' too. Anyway, that means you can expect something rather good here, a very funny and insightful show that addresses important themes and contemporary issues. Read more about it here.


Seven Strikes | Camden People's Theatre | 7 Mar
Yes, you read that correctly. We have picks from another brilliant festival this week, Camden People's Theatre's Sprint, an annual selection of new and unusual work. It's always full of brilliant stuff and this year's line up is no exception. First up, we'll nominate TW faves Chronic Insanity with 'Seven Strikes', an interactive and immersive experience about vigilantism and police brutality. More here.

Adore Me | Camden People's Theatre | 7 Mar (pictured)
I'm intrigued by this one, and it's because I remember as a teen learning about the concept of a dance marathon, specifically those which took place in the US during the Great Depression, and this play is set against that exact backdrop. It's about Jessie Johnson, who is desperate for fame, and sees the dance marathon craze as a potential way for her to get what she wants. Find out more about it here.

Big Bang: Monday 13 March | Camden People's Theatre | 13 Mar
Final Sprint tip for this week is for an edition of CPT's regular scratch night 'Big Bang', which sees artists testing those creative waters by presenting their new and in progress ideas and work, while audience feedback is encouraged. Head this way for more about what to expect from this particular instalment, and also check out the full line up of Sprint events on over the next week or so, because it all looks great but I only had space to tip three.


Crybabies: Bagbeard | Soho Theatre | 7-11 Mar
And… talking of things we loved at edfringe, which we were a few tips ago, here's another one for you: Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees Crybabies' 'Bagbeard', their "sci-fi narrative sketch adventure about finding home, forbidden love, monsters, mystery and massive regret". Our reviewer was very impressed by it, describing it as "unforgettably surreal comedy guaranteed to - somehow - make you laugh". More here.

International Women's Day Special | 21Soho | 10 Mar
It's International Women's Day once again this week and 21Soho are celebrating that with a comedy line up replete with very classy women, many of whom we've tipped and interviewed in the past. So, you can look forward to performances from Lucy Beaumont, Jessie Cave, Yuriko Kotani, Karen Hobbs, Mary O'Connell and Rhiannon Shaw. Book your tickets here.

Emmanuel Sonubi: Emancipated | Soho Theatre | 10-11 Mar (pictured)
Oh, look, it's yet another act that we saw and loved up at the Edinburgh Festival last summer! And I'll let you into a secret now, this isn't the last one we will mention today. Anyway, 'Emancipated' is Emmanuel Sonubi's excellent debut show, very much enjoyed in August by our reviewer, who praised the comedian's engaging telling of personal stories, from his family life and previous experience as a bouncer. More here.


Belongings | Half Moon Theatre | 9-10 Mar
Some short runs for you now, so don't hang about, cos you don't have very long to see any of them. This one's for children aged six to eleven and focuses on Cleo, who is trying to discover her past. It's been inspired by working with children who don't live with their parents and tells a story of "finding your feet, finding your playmates and imagining a new future". For more info and to book see this page here.

Dry Season | Canada Water Theatre | 9 Mar
"Menopause? Seriously? WTF? Kat thought they were far too young to worry about menopause; biology thought differently. Now their hormones are going haywire, their diary is full of NHS visits and sleep is a distant memory". Writer and performer Kat Lyons is the creative behind this spoken word theatre show about a really important topic, which promises to be witty and honest, and to talk about a topic we really ought to talk about more. Details here.

The Remains Of Logan Dankworth | Pleasance Theatre | 8-10 Mar (pictured)
Yes, this is the next one that we saw and loved in Edinburgh in the summer, but that wasn't a surprise because we have been seeing and loving the work of its performer and creator Luke Wright for many years. "Luke Wright is brilliant", wrote our reviewer, "so it's no surprise that this is a compelling, powerful play fusing intelligent writing with an engaging performance". So what are you waiting for, book here.


Still Here | Jack Studio | 7-25 Mar
Some longer runs now, so slightly less need to be in a rush, but you know, don't put it off for too long, it'll be late March before you know it. Anyway, one of them is this new play by Mari Lloyd that looks at the world through the eyes of two eighteen year olds who are trying to understand the actions of their parents, and it promises to be both moving and funny. Head to the venue website here to find out more.

Alan Turing: The Musical | King's Head Theatre | 7-18 Mar
It's possible you've already seen this one, as it was on at the King's Head Theatre in February, but is already back by popular demand after that sell out run. If you haven't seen it yet, well, hurrah, you can see it now, and you probably already have an idea of what to expect based on that title - yes, a musical journey through the life of Alan Turing. Head to the venue website here for more info on the show and to book your tickets.

Farm Hall | Jermyn Street Theatre | 9 Mar-8 Apr (pictured)
"Summer 1945. Hitler is dead, but the Pacific war rages on. Meanwhile, six of Germany's top nuclear scientists are detained at a stately home in the Cambridge countryside, with only redacted newspapers, a broken piano and a copy of 'Blithe Spirit' to pass the time". Our final tip for this week is for this promising debut play from Katherine Moar, directed by Stephen Unwin. Read more here.
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