Coming to Pleasance Theatre this week is a really interesting piece of work dealing with climate apathy, which is definitely a serious issue, and one of the intriguing things about the show itself is that it's an absurd comedy.

The company behind it are the Midlands-based B Team, and the creators of the play are Laura Ryder and Harry Kingscott. I spoke to them both to find out more about them and the production.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Slow Violence' is on at Pleasance Theatre from 21-25 Mar, see the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


DESCENT | Camden People's Theatre | 23 Mar (pictured)
Camden People's Theatre's Sprint festival is heading into its final week and of course there's still plenty of great stuff to see. First up is 'DESCENT', from KH Del Rio Smith, which is an "intimate autobiographical performance rooted in music, mythology and objecthood" that explores the memories of a survivor of household trauma, and it sounds great . For more info and to book see this page here.

Extant Presents: No Future and I Dream In Colour | Camden People's Theatre | 27 Mar
As you probably know, the company presenting this, Extant, are a leading producer of the work of blind and visually impaired artists and theatre professionals. This is a double bill of: 'No Future' by Helena Ascough, a punk-influenced autobiographical solo show about discrimination in schools; and Jasmin Thien's 'I Dream In Colour', which explores the creator's experiences of growing up fighting eye cancer. More here.

That's Not My Name | Camden People's Theatre | 23 Mar
An intriguing, well reviewed show from Sammy Trotman, 'That's Not My Name' promises "75 minutes of borderline comedic chaos questioning the utility of psychiatry and labels through the eyes of a featherless biped diagnosed with more mental illnesses than you have friends (assuming you have any friends)". So yeah, I'm sold. More on that here - and see the rest of the Sprint line up here.


Yes Queens | King's Head Theatre | 25 Mar
Who needs some fun? I need some fun because - at the time of writing - it's horribly grey and miserable and everything's damp and it's going to rain. Anyway, bet there's loads of other people who could also do with some fun, for whatever reason, so let's get to it. Starting with a show we've tipped before, and will again. The excellent 'Yes Queens', a female-led improv comedy night. Info here.

Crime Scene Improvisation | 2Northdown | 25 Mar
And, because we're mad about improv, here's some more for you, another very talented troupe with a super theme. If you love all that crime drama stuff, but you also love comedy stuff, you're going to really love this, because this lot improvise a brand new whodunnit in every show, solving a murder case invented by the on-the-night audience. For more details and to book yourself in, head to this page here.

Yuriko Kotani: Kaiju About | Soho Theatre | 22-25 Mar (pictured)
"Japanese Londoner Yuriko Kotani, was about to make a change and have a fresh start in her life… Then 'kaiju' showed up". With our final funny stuff tip we have some high quality stand-up for you all, courtesy of a comedian you've probably heard of by now, given she's a live favourite and turns up on the telly now and then too. Head to the venue website here for more information and to book your tickets.


Berlusconi - A New Musical | Southwark Playhouse | 25 Mar-29 Apr
Now for some longer theatrical runs, and I reckon we have stuff to suit all tastes here, really. This one, as you may well be able to deduce from the title, is going to be funny and outrageous, but also a "modern cautionary tale". Expect something hilarious, naughty and noisy, as Silvio Berlusconi attempts to ensure his legacy by writing the opera of his life. Head to the venue website here for more.

You Bury Me | Orange Tree Theatre | 27 Mar-22 Apr (pictured)
"The smoke of revolution is still in the air, but these six young people have other things in mind. Alia and Tamer must hide their secret love away from the gaze of their families. High schooler Lina contends with the escapades of her rebellious friend Maya. And journalist Osman and dreamer Rafik face the dangers of living as their true selves". An award winning play about a generation coming of age after revolution, written by an anonymous playwright. Click here.

Sugar Coat | Southwark Playhouse | 29 Mar-22 Apr
Back over to Southwark Playhouse now, and we have another show with music, based on a true story. 'Sugar Coat' features original songs inspired by Riot Grrrl bands - the likes of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Veruca Salt and Letters To Cleo - and follows a woman's coming of age story that promises to be "a hilarious and heartfelt mix of rebellious empowerment and laugh-out-loud teen angst". Find out more about it here.


Four Freaks From Iowa | Greenwich Theatre | 22-25 Mar (pictured)
Now some shows with shorter run times, so, as always, I'll tell you to get a move on and not miss them. I'm intrigued by this one because it's about The Cherry Sisters, a Vaudeville act I once read about and was also intrigued by. They were famous for - allegedly - being terrible, and theatre managers would sell them as "the worst act in the world" and encourage audiences to throw stuff at them. Were they really that bad? Anyway, find out more here.

Follow The Lines | The Bread & Roses Theatre | 21-25 Mar
Another coming of age tale for you here (we had two in the previous section, remember), though it's someone a bit older that's the focus of this one, so yeah, it's a delayed coming of age tale. It's about Chloe, a gay woman in her mid-thirties who spends her spare time partying instead accepting responsibility for herself and facing up to the demands of the real world. Expect fast paced comedy, UK garage and intimate storytelling. Click here.

Belongings | Brixton House | 21-25 Mar
"Cleo is on a journey like no other. She's trying to discover her past whilst attempting to stay on her feet in the present. Piles of clothes become sea creatures, dresses become parachutes and shadows dance as Cleo and two new friends find a place called home". We've tipped this family show for audiences aged six and over before, but we're doing it again because it's a goodie, and was inspired by working with young people who don't live with their birth parents. More here.


Gone Too Far! | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 24 Mar-1 Apr
And finally, more great stuff! Yes, it's all really great. And first up is Bola Agbaje's 2007 Olivier Award-winning debut Gone Too Far!' - which returns to the stage at Stratford East for the first time since it became a GCSE set text, in a co-production by Theatre Royal Stratford East and the National Youth Theatre. If you've not heard of it before, it's a comic drama that examines identity and heritage. Find out more here.

Beak Speaks | Hen & Chickens Theatre | 21-25 Mar
"A masterclass with the self-proclaimed queen of the fringe. After 30 years working on, in, under and around the British Fringe Theatre Circuit, Gillian Beak bares all in public to share a lifetime of theatrical windfalls with whoever might care to munch on them; finally Beak Speaks". Sarah Thom's hilarious character creation, very much acclaimed and very much worth seeing. See the venue site here to book your tickets.

International Women's Day Festival | The Hope Theatre | 21-25 Mar (pictured)
And finally finally, Indigo Arts Collective celebrates International Women's Day with a festival of new work created by women that promises to be thoughtful, funny, provocative and experimental. There are five different shows: 'Polly Peculiar'; 'Cheers To You, Jenny!'; 'By The Light Of The Moon'; 'Going Straight To Gay… Or Something In Between'; and 'Where Have All Our Women Gone?' Find out lots more about all of them by perusing the listings on the venue website here.
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