Coming up at Chats Palace this week are the final performances of Pursued By A Bear's latest production 'Nothing On Earth', a comedy focusing on the lives and achievements of three historical women, told through the experiences of Jade, a young woman working as a carer after her usual career is put on hold because of the pandemic.

I'm always interested in anything that focuses on women's history so of course I was interested in this. To find out more about the play and the creative team behind it, I spoke to show director Rosamunde Hutt, who is also Artistic Director of the company.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Nothing On Earth' is on at Chat's Palace from 29 Mar-1 Apr. See the venue website here for more.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


The Singing Mermaid | Polka Theatre | 31 Mar-8 Apr
The Easter holidays are coming (they may even have started already for some of you) so it's probably a good idea to cover some stuff for kids this week. Let's begin over at Polka Theatre with 'The Singing Mermaid', an adaptation of the picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, which is suitable for ages three to eight and is about a mermaid tempted away from her normal life to join a travelling circus. More here.

Ministry Of Science: Live! | Greenwich Theatre | 1 Apr (pictured)
If your kids are the kind who love science, or if - you know - you think they should love science and you want to nudge them towards it, then maybe this is the show for you. It's for ages six and up, and promises "an anarchic approach to science communication whilst looking at the scientists, engineers and inventors who have shaped the modern world". Info here.

Let's Build | Polka Theatre | 1 Apr-21 May
I'm going to lead you back over to the Polka Theatre for this one, which is only for the younger children (recommended for ages two to five) and offers something interactive and hilarious. The action follows two curious builders who are committed to getting their job done, but haven't got the relevant experience. I suspect that audience members will be asked to help them out... click here.


Michael Akadiri: No Scrubs | Pleasance Theatre | 29 Mar (pictured)
Now for some stuff for the grown ups, funny stuff to be precise, and first up is award winning comedian and junior doctor Michael Akadiri, whose existence we became aware of while up at the old edfringe where he achieved some considerable critical acclaim for his debut show. As you might have guessed from the title, it covers his life and experience of working in the NHS. Book here.

They Seem Nice | Soho Theatre | 30 Mar-1 Apr
You absolutely know how we feel about improv here at TW Towers so you probably won't be remotely surprised to see what's coming up: yep, it's three nights of improv comedy, and of course it's featuring a super line up of acts. Each show will include different performers, the likes of Rose Matafeo, Emma Sidi, Lola-Rose Maxwell, Alice Snedden, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Graham Dickson and more. Info here.

Sasha Ellen: Character Building Experience | Museum Of Comedy | 29 Mar
I've just been informed that Sasha Ellen's 'Character Building Experience' has extended its monthly residency at the Museum Of Comedy, so it's on every few weeks now until 27 Jul, and it's rather good. If you haven't heard about it before, it's a D&D style interactive role-playing comedy game show featuring different guest comedians each time. More here.


Kali Theatre's International Plays | Tara Theatre | 28 Mar-1 Apr
Next up, some short stops, and first up is some very promising stuff from a favourite company of ours, Kali Theatre: five script-in-hand performances of five brand new plays with "urgent global themes" from female and non-binary playwrights of international background, a different play each night. I don't have space to talk about each one, but there's lots more info on them here.

Dia-Beat-Es | Camden People's Theatre | 29 Mar-1 Apr (pictured)
This is an interesting one - a "unique theatrical comedy DJ set" that deals with creator Paul O'Donnell's own story of living with type one diabetes, mashing together popular music tracks, recorded interviews and his personal experiences, and exploring 'diabetic burnout' - where affected people struggle to deal with the constant responsibility of this lifelong condition, and fail to look after themselves properly. Book here.

Morveren | The Space | 28 Mar-1 Apr
"Ambitious banker Keren is determined to make her mark. In a male-dominated industry, she's learned that the way to get ahead is to speak loudly, strut your stuff, and sell sell sell. But the siren's song is calling her name, drawing her back to her roots". An intriguing sounding play that draws on Cornish mythology and focuses on a coastal village where "women make the rules and no one has to shout to be heard". Oh, and you can also watch it via livestream. Find out more here.


Astoria | Jack Studio | 28 Mar-15 Apr
And now for some longer runs, which you don't have to try and see this week if you're too busy. But if you can't see them this week, maybe get planning ahead. This one's a play with music, set in Vienna in 1937, as Germany is poised to annexe Austria, and focuses on young communist Jewish playwright Jura Soyfer, who is increasingly in danger because of his blackly comedic anti-establishment plays. Details here.

The Dry House | Marylebone Theatre | 31 Mar-6 May
"In the Irish border town of Newry, Chrissy promises her sister Claire that after one final drink she will go to The Dry House to get sober. Does she mean it this time?" Kathy Kiera Clarke, Mairead McKinley and Carla Langley star in this new play by actor/dramatist Eugene O'Hare about "love, loss and the potential for hope". Lots more information on the venue website here.

Pussycat In Memory Of Darkness | Finborough Theatre | 28 Mar-22 Apr(pictured)
A new play by Neda Nezhdana that was first staged - and acclaimed - at the Finborough back in August, and which explores the roots of Russia's war on Ukraine through the eyes of one woman. "Russia has taken over Crimea and stirred up ongoing violence in her beloved homeland of Donbas. Betrayed by her neighbour and brutalised by Russian-backed militia, her hope has waned for humanity". Info here.


Bloody Yesterday | White Bear Theatre | 28 Mar-2 Apr
Yes, that's right, some more short runs, so make sure you don't miss em. Definitely not this London premiere of 'Bloody Yesterday' by acclaimed and award winning Irish playwright Deirdre Kinahan. It's inspired by a true story and depicts the broken relationship between a mother and her daughter, and explores how society vilifies women who leave their homes and children behind. Click here.

Lucy Hopkins: Dark Mother | Soho Theatre | 30 Mar-1 Apr (pictured)
"Calling the sweet, the courageous, the devoted and the broken to a ceremony of twinkling in the depths: a ritual of healing, a prayer to Mother and an unquantifiably silly time in the dark". Top drawer clown Lucy Hopkins heads to Soho Theatre for a run of this show that won much acclaim when it was on in Edinburgh in August 2022. Find our more about it here.

Force Of Habit | Barons Court Theatre | 28 Mar-1 Apr
Feeling a bit in the mood for some romantic comedy, actually, so given that's the case, I thought I'd end this week's tips with... yes, a romantic comedy. Though it's also described as bittersweet so perhaps there might be some darker moments. "Watch John and Martha as they fall in love and prepare for a life of joy together. Things are good, but never quite perfect". More info here.
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