Beginning a run at the Pleasance Theatre this week is the latest work from Emily Beecher, the talent behind the rather acclaimed 'The Good Enough Mums Club'. 

'Summer Camp For Broken People' draws on Beecher's own experiences, and focuses on a victim of sexual assault undergoing therapy at The Priory whilst maintaining her relationship with her daughter. 

I spoke to Emily to find out more about the play and the talent behind it. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Summer Camp For Broken People' is on at Pleasance Theatre from 9-20 May. For more information and to book tickets, see this page here.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


I Am Not Who I Say I Am | King's Head Theatre | 14 May (pictured)
Yay, we're beginning with festival stuff this week. Well, kinda. This one's actually part of a festival, though, the King's Head's Platform Festival, which showcases in development new writing from LGBTQI+ writers. I'm intrigued by this one - a story told through poetry, music, dance and narration, with some rather interesting hooks. So check it out, but also browse all the listings for the Platform Festival here.

The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me | King's Head Theatre | 15 May-4 Jun
The next two tips are here because we became aware of them via another festival - yes, of course, the mighty edfringe. 'The MP, Aunty Mandy And Me', which explores sexual misconduct and coercive control, was written and is performed by Rob Ward and - handily - we did a Q&A with him about this show ahead of the Fringe last year. Read that here - and book tickets here.

Mustard | Arcola Theatre | 16 May-3 May
Finally, another Edinburgh hit, one that won a Fringe First in 2019, I believe, and made a welcome return to the Festival last summer. A one-woman show by writer and performer Eva O'Connor, it's about "heartbreak, madness and how condiments are the ultimate coping mechanism". For more information and to get your tickets booked, head to the venue website right about here.


Kai Samra: Native | Soho Theatre | 15 May
And on to some quality comedic entertainment for you all. I definitely need a laugh after the week I've had, though yours might have been better. Either way, consider the award winning Kai Samra who'll be over at Soho Theatre with his new show about "race, class, immigration, youth homelessness, India and, more importantly, 2010 indie-rock bands". Click here.

Rich Hardisty: Silly Boy | Soho Theatre | 9-10 May (pictured)
Next up is another show at the Soho Theatre, which is not a surprise, really, given how many great comedians turn up there. This time it's Rich Hardisty, who returns to the venue with his acclaimed debut hour, from which you can expect "anecdotes and observations about momentous movies, missing dads and mania". Click here.

Comedy Club 4 Kids | OSO Arts Centre | 14 May
And finally, some high quality comedy, and, as you may have quite easily deduced, it's for the kids. And by kids, we mean kids, not child-like adults. Though to be fair, adults will enjoy this too, it's funny, it's just not, well, adult. You may know all about it, not least because we've tipped it before because it's one of our fave shows for kids. To book, see this page here.


Unseasoned Chicken Memoirs | Drayton Arms Theatre | 9-10 May
This one's a theatre section, yes, but this show kind of fell out of the previous set of tips, because it's actually a stand-up show. But it sounds like something of a storytelling show too, hence it feels a bit theatrical as well. Anyway, it sounds intriguing - a self deprecating set about migrant life by Marcia Vidal Nolte. For more information head to the venue website here.

Leaves Of Glass | Park Theatre | 10 May-3 Jun (pictured)
"Steven has always tried to be a good person. He works hard. He looks after his family. But, suddenly, everyone starts accusing him of things. His wife accuses him of being unfaithful. His mother accuses him of being coercive. And his brother, Barry, accuses him of...what exactly?" A revival of Philip Ridley's acclaimed and gripping 2007 play. Book here.

The Wolves In The Walls | Little Angel Theatre | 12 May-23 Jul
Another show for young people now, based on Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's graphic novel 'The Wolves In The Walls', a "spooky and hilarious" tale brought to life via the media of puppetry, song and shadow play. "When Lucy hears noises from behind the walls, she tries to warn her family that there are wolves lurking inside their house. But her family don't listen". More here.


Lady M (At Home With Lady Macbeth) | The Place | 11-13 May (pictured)
And now for the customary mixed bag finale featuring different genres, though they do all share a rhythmic theme this time. First up we're over to The Place for 'Lady M' by dancer and creative Temitope Ajose, who "uses the words, the implications, the narrative and most importantly the psychological states of Lady Macbeth to tell her own story". Info here.

Ballet Black: Pioneers | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 10-20 May
And some more dance-y stuff for you over at Stratford East where Ballet Black present a double bill by award-winning choreographers: there's Will Tuckett's 'Then Or Now', which blends classical ballet, music and the poetry of Adrienne Rich; and  Mthuthuzeli November's 'NINA: By Whatever Means', inspired by the work and activism of Nina Simone. Selling quickly, book here.

Agrippina | Jacksons Lane | 13 May-21 May
"When Agrippina hears of the death of her husband Claudio by shipwreck, she seizes the opportunity to place her son Nerone in power. After gaining the support of the toadying Narciso and Pallante, she is upset to find Claudio has been saved by the gallant Ottone". Finally, some fab opera over at Jacksons Lane from two perennial favourites, Handel and producing company HGO. Book here.
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