At last year's edfringe, we were rather taken with a production called 'SHEWOLVES', a play focused on activism and friendship that focuses on the actions of two teenage girls.

So, of course, when I heard it was beginning a run at a London venue this month, I was definitely interested in letting you all know about it. 

I was also curious about the creative forces behind the piece, and wanted to find out more about its writer, Sarah Middleton, and the show's producing company Shewolves Productions. 

I spoke to Sarah ahead of opening night. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'SHEWOLVES' is on at Southwark Playhouse Borough from 21 Jun-8 Jul. Find out more about the show and book your tickets here.

When I started to think about which shows to feature in this year's ThreeWeeks coverage - and began working my way through the listings and press releases - 'Pleasure Little Treasure' jumped right out at me.

Initially because of its name (and some eighties music flashbacks), but then because of its really interesting narrative and themes. 

It's an autobiographical work by Elina Elminas, about her life growing up in the first post-Soviet strip club in Estonia, and exploring the themes of patriarchy, money, power and sex. 

I spoke to Elina to find out more. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

Elina Elminas performs 'Pleasure Little Treasure' at Underbelly Cowgate from 3-13 Aug. Find the edfringe listing here.

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Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


AI Festival | Omnibus Theatre | 26 Jun-19 Jul
Yep, we're all about the festival stuff again this week: not only do we have our first edfringe Q&A of the season for you, we are also starting the tips with another festival section. First up it's the AI Festival at Omnibus Theatre, which I'm tipping as a whole because it's relatively small, though of course, perfectly formed. As you might expect, it involves work that explores how artists can creatively engage with AI. The line up includes theatre and an improv show! Click here.

Taroo | multiple venues | 23 Jun-8 Jul (pictured)
This is a parkour and circus comedy show, performed and created by Moroccan circus artist Said Mouhssine - a free runner, stage director, actor and stuntman - which "tells stories from streets all over the world". And why is it in the festival section? Well, this show is on as part of the excellent Shubbak Festival, which celebrates contemporary Arab arts and culture. This show sounds great - find out more here - but don't forget to also take a look at the rest of the line up here.

Out Of The Deep Blue | multiple Venues | 24-25 Jun
"The whirr of the wind cutting across a rocky beach, the whoosh of the waves lapping the shore… The illusion of calm is broken when Eko, a sentient Sea Giant, pads onto dry land. There he encounters a young girl called Violet. And that's where the story begins". We've tipped a few Wandsworth Fringe events this month, but now it's all coming to an end. Our final suggestion is this exciting interactive promenade performance suitable for families, read about it here. And find listings for all events here.


An Ice Thing To Say | Drayton Arms Theatre | 20-21 Jun
When I was perusing the lists of events coming up at Drayton Arms Theatre over the next week or so, I found a number of shows that caught my eye. I thought, you know, maybe I will just pick one of these to tip, but I couldn't decide which, because I'm intrigued by them all. So, that's why we have a whole Drayton Arms section this week, and we begin with this visual and physical theatre performance about climate change. See more info and book on the venue website here.

We're Alive | Drayton Arms Theatre | 22-24 Jun
"It's the night before the war starts. The weather is unseasonably cold. The Stork knows what's coming. They go to sleep with ordinary dreams, they wake up to sirens. A woman in a kitchen somewhere far away receives letters written by trembling hands from around the world". Created by Ukrainian refugees as part of The Stork Project, this intergenerational piece is based on stories shared by children and adults of war and migration. More here.

Add2cart | Drayton Arms Theatre | 25-26 Jun (pictured)
Another piece about very relevant and contemporary themes now with 'Add2Cart', an exploration of tensions between sustainability and consumerism in the fashion world. "Charissa is grappling with her excessive drive to buy and the impending need to slow down. She's heard fast-fashion is killing the planet, yet she can't help but click 'add to cart'. A young woman trying to stand out in the overwhelming social-media sea of hauls, humble brags and spon-con". Click here.


The Other Way Home | New Diorama | 24 Jun
Now for some short stops (ie, don't hesitate, or you're lost) and two of them are aimed at young/family audiences, and this is the first one of those. It's by a long term favourite of ours, Kandinsky Theatre Company, and it's been developed through workshops with primary aged children and their teachers. It's suitable for ages seven to eleven, and is a "joyful, big-hearted and very slightly scary show" about family, friendship and change. More here.

The Circle | on demand via Orange Tree Theatre | 20-23 Jun
Here's one for those of you keen to take in a theatrical treat at home, for recent Orange Tree staging 'The Circle' is available on demand for a few days this month. As you may already know, the play is a bit of a classic by Somerset Maugham, a comedy of manners first staged in 1921 that asks whether one generation can learn from the mistakes of their parents. For more information and to arrange to view, head to the venue website here.

Jack! | Half Moon Theatre | 22-24 Jun (pictured)
Here's your second family show in this section, and it's another goodie, a new musical from Little Seeds Music and I think it sounds very cool: "For as long as tales have been told, the character of Jack has been a constant presence in stories. Sometimes clever and cunning, sometimes lazy and foolish, but always coming out on top, fairy tales, folklore and nursery rhymes are full of tales of a lad named Jack". Find out more about the show here.


Then, Now and Next | Southwark Playhouse | 23 Jun-29 Jul
So, now for some longer runs. As ever, it would be nice if you could manage to get to see them this week - I would really appreciate the prompt action - but you've got plenty of time if you really can't. First up is 'Then, Now And Next', an original musical by Christopher J Orton and Jon Robyns, directed by Julie Atherton. It's a story exploring love, how relationships change over time, and what it takes to truly heal. Read more about it here.

A Playlist For The Revolution | Bush Theatre | 23 Jun-5 Aug
"Jonathan is pretty sure his life will look just like his father's: a good job, a family, and firmly settled in Hong Kong. Chloe is about to start university in England and she's ready to be the Asian Elle Woods. What they don't realise is that the world around them is about to change forever". A new Bush commission by AJ Yi that tells a story of young love against the backdrop of the largest demonstrations in Hong Kong's history. Info here.

The Swell | Orange Tree Theatre | 24 Jun-29 Jul (pictured)
Next up is 'The Swell' by Isley Lynn - who you surely know of, not least because of hit play 'Skin A Cat' - which is described as a "thrilling romantic drama" and explores themes of love, sacrifice and betrayal. "Annie is happy at last - she's engaged to Bel, the love of her life, and counting down the days to their wedding. But then old friend, free spirit and troublemaker Flo turns up unexpectedly, and announces she'll be staying with them until the big day". Click here.


Jali by Oliver Twist | Soho Theatre | 20-24 Jun (pictured)
Three final tips for you and they all sound fab. We are headed first to Soho Theatre for an acclaimed one person show from Oliver Twist, who takes a look at his time as a refugee: having fled Rwanda during the civil war, he spent his childhood in Malawi before beginning a new life in Australia. Expect personal anecdotes, drama and humour "as a powerful antidote to trauma". Find out more and book your tickets on the venue website here.

Roll Your Sleeves With Eve | Chelsea Theatre | 22-25 Jun
"It's the year 2050 and the whole nation is talking about Eve, but for all the wrong reasons. After an explosive episode on her hit-show, the celebrity chef embarks on the newest, most advanced form of intrusive therapy in hope of salvaging her career. The highs and lows of Eve's personal life are scrutinised and broadcasted live for the world to see". That sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Well yes, it really does. Head to this page here to book your tickets.

Dal Segno | Tabard Theatre | 21 Jun-8 Jul
Another intriguing one this, that offers a look behind the scenes in the world of seven professional musicians. It's set in London in 1979 and focuses on a group of freelance musicians who play in a resident band at a club, the drama taking place backstage one Friday night. The play explores the characters' fears, anxieties, hopes, thrills and relationships. See the venue website here for lots more info and to book tickets.
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