The latest show to come to Jermyn Street Theatre sounds fascinating, and - like quite a lot of things that I find fascinating - it's a historical piece.

'Infamous' is about Emma Hamilton, one of the most famous figures in Georgian society, who rose from humble beginnings to marry into the nobility and, most famously, attracted the attention of Lord Nelson.

The play is by April De Angelis, and stars mother and daughter team Caroline Quentin and Rose Quentin.

I was keen to find out more about the piece and the creative team behind it, so I spoke to director Michael Oakley ahead of this month's run.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Infamous' is on at Jermyn Street Theatre until 7 Oct. Read more about the show and book tickets here.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Zoe Coombs Marr: The Opener | Soho Theatre | 12-16 Sep
Oof it's hot. Well, it is, as I write this, though I suspect it will be cooling a little by the time you are reading it. There may even be some rain on the horizon, I guess. Anyway, here we are with some soothing tips, whatever the weather may be, starting with Zoe Coombs Marr, a Fringe favourite who brought her acclaimed alter-ego Dave back to Edinburgh this summer, and now is heading to Soho Theatre. More here.

Juliette Burton: No Brainer | Greenwich Theatre | 17 Sep (pictured)
And from one Fringe favourite to another, and the excellent, long term friend-of-ThreeWeeks Juliette Burton, who is headed to Greenwich Theatre with the show she performed in Edinburgh last month. And, as luck would have it, we did an interview with her about the show via our aforementioned sister publication, so you should definitely read that here and then book tickets here.

Codpieces | OSO Arts Centre | 13-17 Sep
Here's another fun one, especially for those of you who love Shakespeare and comedy (though obviously, Shakespeare is often comedic so the two things aren't exactly alien to each other). It's a staging of the late Perry Pontac's acclaimed collection of bardic parodies - a sequel to 'Hamlet', a prequel to 'King Lear' and a 'Romeo & Juliet' what-if - and you can expect good things. Click here.


It's Headed Straight Towards Us | Park Theatre | 13 Sep-20 Oct comedy
Here's some more funny stuff, though this section is mainly the theatrical kind of funny, compared to the previous set of tips, which had more stand-up in it. Written by Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Planer, this piece is described as a quirky and tender comedy, and sees two actors (Rufus Hound and Samuel West) stuck in a trailer on the side of a volcano. So they were right about the quirky thing. Click here.

The Ugly One | The Hope Theatre | 12-23 Sep
"Lette is an inventor and is on the cusp of delivering a major presentation that will change his career, but at the last minute he's told he can't go as there is something terribly 'wrong' with his face. In fact, he is so unspeakably ugly, that no one has ever thought to mention it". German playwright Marius Von Mayenburg's hilarious 2007 cautionary tale of identity and beauty, translated by Maja Zade. More here.

Sorry We Didn't Die At Sea | Park Theatre | 13-30 Sep (pictured)
A play with rather political themes, but which promises to be delivered via some dark and absurdist comedy. Set in the near future, Europe has become unlivable and members of its nations must flee, making the sort of perilous journeys real world immigrants to Europe have lately been forced to undertake. Find out more and book your tickets on the venue website here.


Belinda | Camden People's Theatre | 15 Sep (pictured)
Okey doke, here we have a section of short running things that you may well want to see, so as ever heed my caution and don't miss them. This is another piece with migration themes, but specifically: "the migrant experience of queerness, the weight of past relationships, queerbaiting, expectations both within and without the queer community". Read more about it here.

Roald Dahl and The Imagination Seekers | Jacksons Lane | 17 Sep
Not sure if it's actually true or not but I feel as though we haven't recommended any children shows in a while. So I'm just going with that feeling and making sure we tip something for your young people right away. This one's for children aged five and older, and it promises "performance, games and creative play, while exploring Roald Dahl's extraordinary stories". Info here.

#BLACKIS… | New Diorama Theatre | 13-16 Sep
Award winners Company Three explore the lives of ten black teenagers growing up in north London, focusing on friendship, family, music, culture and celebration, and taking a look at their experiences of what it's like to be black and their encounters with racism. The play has been co-created with these young company members and I think it will be rather good. Find out more here.


Operation Epsilon | Southwark Playhouse Elephant | 15 Sep-21 Oct
And now for a new section full of things that you have much longer to try and fit into your busy schedule. Which is nice and takes the pressure off a bit. This is Alan Brody's 2013 play, which is set at the end of WW2, when Germany's ten foremost nuclear scientists have been sequestered in the English countryside, and is based on transcripts of their secretly recorded conversations. More here.

Mlima's Tale | Kiln Theatre | 14 Sep-21 Oct
"Mlima is known as one of the last 'Great Tuskers' - elephants with tusks so large they touch the ground. When he is murdered for these magnificent tusks, Mlima's ghost follows those connected to his death". A UK premiere for this 2018 play by Pulitzer winner Lynn Nottage that explores the capitalism, greed and corruption of the ivory trade. Info here.

The Legends Of Them | Brixton House | 14-30 Sep (pictured)
"Darkness descends at the Pink House in Tiruvannamalai, India. As the storm cracks through the windows, Lorna's memories pierce their way through the silence. The legends of her life come to guide her but will Lorna find the strength to face her demons?" The acclaimed Sutara Gayle - aka Lorna Gee - presents this solo performance, her writer-performer debut. Book here.


Bronte The Opera | Arcola Theatre | 12-16 Sep
And so to the final section of the week and we begin with what's probably our penultimate visit to Arcola's fab Grimeborn Festival. This one's got a special draw for me because of my history of minor Bronte-family obsession - it's based on the acclaimed 2011 play 'Bronte' by Polly Teale. It's been made into an opera by talented composer Lisa Logan and I am quite excited about it. Info here.

September | The Space | 13-17 Sep
A new play about "politics, lust, and murder that links General Pinochet's coup in Chile on September 11, 1973 and the attack on New York on September 11, 2001". Created by Brazilian theatre director and playwright Tereza Briggs-Novaes, it's about a woman who lived through both these moments in history, and looks at the issue of personal responsibility in relation to major political events. Find out more here.

Bystanders | Drayton Arms Theatre | 12-16 Sep (pictured)
Final tip for the week and we're headed over to the Drayton Arms Theatre for 'Bystanders', a piece exploring love, loss and generational trauma through the lens of Caribbean spirituality. The play sees a couple dealing with the impact of depression on their lives and relationship, and the fight to keep their partnership alive. See the venue website here for details.
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