Coming to London's Pleasance Theatre this week is a show that won a lot of acclaim when it was on at the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer, not least from our own reviewer who gave it 5/5, called it a "remarkable play", and described its creator's performance as captivating. 

That creator and performer is Peter Cook, and the play - 'Breaking The Castle' - is inspired by his own experiences of addiction and recovery.

It won't come as a surprise to find out that I was keen to connect with him, to find out more about the play and the talent behind it. I spoke to him ahead of his London dates. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Breaking The Castle' is on at the Pleasance Theatre from 17-18 Oct, see the venue website here for information and to book tickets. It will do a further run at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 7-11 Nov, see this page here for that. 

You may have gathered by now that we here at TW Towers are big fans of solo theatre shows, and of course everyone knows how we feel about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

So obviously I was interested when I heard about the season of one person edfringe successes beginning this week at The Playground Theatre.

To find out more about what to expect, I spoke to the venue's Artistic Director Peter Tate, whose own show - 'Picasso - The Monstre Sacre' - opens the season.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

The Playground Theatre's Pick Of The Fringe runs from 16 Oct to 25 Nov. See the venue website here for all the listings. 

The latest production to go up at Jermyn Street Theatre is a timely revival of a play by the great Caryl Churchill, whose work I'm sure you'll all be well aware of. 'Owners', her first play, is a dark and witty piece set in developing 1970s London that focuses on its characters' desire for property and ownership.

Stella Powell-Jones, Artistic Director of Jermyn Street, is the director of the show, so I thought it would be great to catch up about what to expect from the venue in the months ahead, as well as to find out more about 'Owners' and the creative team behind it.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Owners' is on at Jermyn Street from 17 Oct-11 Nov. See the venue website here for more information and to book your tickets.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


1 Click Away | Half Moon Theatre | 21 Oct
Yay, another children's show section for you. For the same reason as last week. It's getting grim and dingy out there, so inside distractions for small people are increasingly helpful. First, let's head to the Half Moon for '1 Click Away', an immersive dance show that explores the impact of online shopping on the environment and aims to inspire a new generation of eco-consciousness. Head to the venue website here to find out more. 

There's A Tiger In The Garden | Jacksons Lane | 23-27 Oct
"Bored at home with nothing to do, Nora is sent out to play in the garden in search of a tiger. Have your imaginations at the ready as our story unfolds and we see Nora's world grow around her". A musical theatre adaptation of award winning children's book 'There's A Tiger In The Garden' by Lizzy Stewart, involving puppetry and all sorts of other stuff. Find all the details on the Jacksons Lane website right about here.  

Oh No, George! | Polka Theatre | 19-29 Oct (pictured)
Another adaptation of another award winning picture book, this time Chris Haughton's 'Oh No, George!' - which, if you didn't know it already, is about a dog who wants to be good but can't resist the temptation to do things which are not. Expect music, acrobatics and slapstick comedy. "George sees something in the kitchen. It's cake! I said I'd be good, George thinks, but I LOVE cake. What will George do?" What do you reckon? Click here.


Comedy Club 4 Kids | OSO Arts Centre | 22 Oct + 19 Nov
Now for some funny stuff, but this one kinda fell out of the previous section, because although it's guaranteed to be funny and warrants inclusion in the funny stuff section, it's also for kids. You will enjoy it too, though, I promise. And, of course, you may already know full well that this is a great show to take your small-ish ones to, because we've tipped it many times before. Always glad to tip it again though. Get your tickets booked here.

Interruption Show | The Bill Murray | 22 Oct
Okay, and on to funny stuff that is not directed at the kids. Let's head to The Bill Murray for 'Interruption Show', a tried and tested stand-up/podcast format in which comedian Dalia Malek and guest co-hosts interrupt stand-up comedians mid-performance to "ask burning questions, find out what happened next, and dig for backstories behind jokes". Also described as "stand-up comedy meets choose-your-own-adventure". Click here.

Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism | The Pen Theatre | 20 Oct (pictured)
Obviously I was drawn to this because - as probably much previously established - I am a sucker for punny titles (as well as the fact that it's a recent edfringe success). Yet of course, as it turns out, the show is not about bees, but is in fact about autism. "Come see this whirlwind absurdist escapade where we find how crabs communicate, an unconventional way to consume yoghurt and be indoctrinated into the church of dog". Read more here.


Manic Street Creature | Southwark Playhouse (Borough) | 19 Oct-11 Nov
Yay, some musical stuff, for all you lovers of rhythmical things, and this is yet another show that has an award winning run at the old edfringe behind it: "Ria is working with her band to complete a new album - songs charting the rise and fall of a recent relationship. But the more Ria progresses, the more she's drawn back to the darkness of her troubled past, until we're not sure where memory ends and reality begins". More here.

Anti-Semitism: A [Musical] / ADHD The Musical | Camden People's Theatre | 17-28 Oct
I've picked two separate shows for this tip, because they both have the word 'musical' in their titles, and they are both on for the same dates at the same venue, and so it's possible to see them both in one night. In fact, you can get a discount when you book tickets for both shows on the same night, so honestly, I really think you should. Find out more about 'Antisemitism' (the musical) here, and find out more about ADHD (the musical) here.

The Night Woman | Barbican | 19-21 Oct (pictured)
Award winning writer and performer Julene Robinson is the talent behind this compelling new play about "the power of black womanhood, darkness and the redemptive power of self-love", told through a fusion of dance, singing and music. It's inspired by the experiences of Robinson's own grandmother, who was shunned and ostracised in post-colonial Jamaica because of her African Spiritual Beliefs, and sounds amazing. Info here.


The Nag's Head | Park Theatre | 17-28 Oct (pictured)
Some theatrical runs now, starting with 'The Nag's Head', a dark comedy that promises to be an ode to independent pubs and rural England. "Do you believe in ghost stories? Do you want to hear tales that will chill you to the bone…? After the death of their father, three estranged siblings return home for the funeral. Burdened with their dad's failing pub and a weird painting, they must decide whether to work together to save The Nag's Head or succumb to their inner demons". Click here.

The Boy | Soho Theatre | 17 Oct-4 Nov
"On a bus from an unnamed country, an unlikely friendship forms between a young unaccompanied boy and an older man; both escaping their past. Looking for a new life in a big city, their paths cross with that of a young woman attempting to deal with her own trauma". A new play by Joakim Daun that looks at themes of migration, loss and the meaning of family in a poignant, charming and witty manner. Read more about it here.

Invisible Animal | Omnibus Theatre | 17 Oct-4 Nov
Neurodivergence seems to be a bit of a theme in today's tips, an accidental one, really, but I am glad of it. This one, written by Tom Manning and inspired by his experiences of growing up autistic in a world designed for neurotypical people, is made by, and for, autistic people. "This is a show for the nerdy film buffs and weight-lifting bros. This is a show for people who exist as different versions at different times in different places, in multitudes that risk spinning out of control. This show is for you and for us". See this page here.


Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett | Underbelly Boulevarde | 17 Oct-6 Jan
As is often the case, the final section is what we would call a mixed bag genre wise, and this particular tip is in here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it's the inaugural show at a new entertainment venue - Underbelly Boulevarde - and, of course, it's a cabaret style show, which belongs in a mixed bag given that cabaret didn't get its own section this week. Anyway, fans of the genre will surely be aware of 'queen of punk cabaret' Bernie Dieter, and won't want to miss this. Get your tickets here.

Heaven Can Wait | Holy Cross Church | 18 Oct (pictured)
RADA graduate company Be*Wilder Theatre present this "swooning love letter to cinema, to Dante's 'Divine Comedy' and the poem 'Eldorado' by Edgar Allan Poe", as part of the 2023 Bloomsbury Festival, which runs until 22 Oct. Expect a tragicomic tale of a disenchanted artist at a crossroads in their life, and find out more about that show - and all the other Bloomsbury Festival shows - right about here.

Grimfest | Old Red Lion Theatre | 17 Oct-4 Nov
And talking of festivals, why don't we end the week's proceedings by recommending a whole festival? Yes, I quite agree, it's definitely the way to go. And it's also definitely the right time of year to be recommending a festival of horror, spooky and grim stuff. There are about eighteen shows, I think, and I'm struggling to decide which ones I'd best like either me or you to go see. So why don't you head straight to this page here to make up your own minds? Have fun.
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