Yay, pantomime season is well and truly under way, so what better way to celebrate it than by talking to pantomime creators?

One of our favourite panto-producing companies is Charles Court Opera, and we've been tipping their boutique and unusual offerings for years. What we haven't done for a while, though, is talk to them about it, and I very much felt it was time to correct that.

We last spoke to script writer and director John Savournin back in 2015 about that year's staging of 'Mirror Mirror'.

This time I spoke to him to find out more about this year's show - based on 'The Odyssey' and staged at Jermyn Street Theatre - as well as what else we can expect from Charles Court Opera in the coming year.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Odyssey: A Heroic Pantomime' is on at Jermyn Street Theatre from 23 Nov-31 Dec. For details and to book tickets head to the venue website here.

As you may have noticed, we've been turning our attention to panto quite a bit of late. And here's a panto - well, actually kinda more than one panto - that you will surely have heard of, given that it's the West End's longest running pantomime and Olivier Award nominated to boot.

For 'Potted Panto' is back for a ninth London season, but this time it's headed to the capital's east end, specifically the fabulous Wilton's Music Hall. In honour of its return, I had a chat with creators and performers Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner ahead of the imminent run. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Potted Panto' is on at Wilton's Music Hall from 29 Nov-30 Dec. Head to the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Niamh Denyer: Get Blessed! | Pleasance Theatre | 23 Nov (pictured)
Hello again everybody and, once more because of the gloom and the dark, I am putting the funny stuff at the very top. Unless you're reading this in the weekly bulletin, in which case, it's right after those cheery pantomime Q&As, so whatever, it's all good. Let's start with Niamh Denyer, who we heard about up at the old edfringe in the summer and whose show "puts the fun back into funeral". Click here.

Dan Lees: The Vinyl Countdown | Soho Theatre | 23-25 Nov
Ah, you might know we're suckers for a funny punny title and this one delivers. But we know full well that the show delivers too. This is another recent Edinburgh success in which award winning comedian Dan Lees "brings to life bizarre record covers he's found in charity shops". Nice idea, yes? For more information and to get your tickets booked head to the venue website right here.

I'm Sorry I'm Not Lucy Liu | Camden People's Theatre | 22-25 Nov
This one's rather interesting, not really stand-uppy/charactery comedy like you might expect from this section, but it still promises to be hilarious. Described as a "playful and political choose-your-own-adventure time-travel show", it's the work of Eden Jun, who has always been told that she looks like Lucy Liu. She makes her way through alternative pasts, presents and futures to reclaim her own story. Info here.


Morgan And West's Massive Magic Show For Kids | Wilton's Music Hall | 25 Nov
Next up, something of a mixed bag of short running shows for your delectation. As ever, don't put off getting your tickets booked. Especially for this offering from the fabulous and popular Morgan And West, because I feel sure they'll be selling really quickly. I've seen these two entertain a rabble of small people on a number of occasions and they really are smashing at it. More here.

High Times And Dirty Monsters | Bernie Grant Arts Centre Z | 24-25 Nov (pictured)
Here's another exciting one, from hugely acclaimed and award winning Liverpool-based company 20 Stories High. And if you have older teens I think this might be something that would appeal to them as well as you. It's a new hip-hop gig-theatre collaboration featuring deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists and focuses on the highs and lows of being young at the present time. See this page here for info.

Night Of Short Plays | The Pen Theatre | 22-23 Nov
Well, if you read these tips carefully, I daresay you will be more than aware that we're big fans of short plays, and it's not necessarily because of the ADHD. Here's a night of three from Shine A Light Theatre, who focus on women's experiences, violence against women, and minorities. Booking link and more details about the content of the plays on the venue website here.


Cinderella | Brixton House | 23 Nov-31 Dec (pictured)
Last week, we tipped lots of Christmassy shows, this week we've done two panto Q&As, but I'm still going to sneak another festive offering into this week's final and theatrical tip section. It's a re-imagined 'Cinderella' (which doesn't have to be Christmassy I suppose, but it is running up to Christmas). It is set in contemporary Brixton and obviously has a very local feel. Find out more here.

What I Really Think Of My Husband | Golden Goose Theatre | 21 Nov-2 Nov
Interesting number of elements to this one: it's about celebrated writer Thomas Hardy, and the trials and tribulations of his wives, but it's also described as a "poetic, comedic, disturbing ghost story". I suppose it's what you might expect from playwright David Pinner, whose novel 'Ritual' inspired 'The Wicker Man'. Anyway, I am intrigued. More information and tickets from this page here.

A Woman Walks Into A Bank | Theatre503 | 21 Nov-9 Dec
And finally, a fabulous play from Roxy Cook, the winner of the 2023 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award. "Moscow, August 2018. The World Cup has just ended and it has been a roaring success. Free Metro travel. Parties in the square. But when an old woman walks into a bank, she is conned into taking out a high interest loan which she immediately forgets all about". Click here.
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