Coming up this week at the New Wimbledon Theatre is a short run from touring show 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World', the acclaimed musical based on the popular book by Kate Pankhurst. 

The show sees schoolgirl Jade coming face to face with iconic women of the past and features a fab line up of experienced musical types. 

To find out more about it, I spoke to performer Chloe Hart, who you may well have seen treading the boards of the West End in shows like 'Hairspray' and on tour with the likes of 'Six'.  

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World' is on at the New Wimbledon Theatre from 30 Nov-2 Dec. See this page here to book your tickets.
Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Shit-Faced Showtime: A Pissedmas Carol | Leicester Square Theatre | 28 Nov-6 Jan
We've got so many things to talk about in our tips this week and I think it might, in part, be because we are in that entertainment-full period that happens in the three to four weeks before Christmas. So let's start with what's a traditional favourite for us. Firstly it's a staging of 'A Christmas Carol', which, you know, is one of the greatest things in the world. Secondly, this one's the pissed version! Yay, head to the venue website here for info and to book.

Chriskirkpatrickmass - A Boyband Christmas Musical | Seven Dials Playhouse | 1-30 Dec
Well, one thing we can all agree on, that title's a mouthful, but it bodes well, especially for those of you who are fans of musical theatre. And this one's a parody one, and it's Christmassy, so you'll be having all kinds of festive, funny, fun times when you go to see it. Expect nineties nostalgia, and a plot featuring members of NSYNC that promises to offer something of a merger between 'A Christmas Carol' and 'It's A Wonderful Life'. More here.

A Christmas Carol | Hoxton Hall | 2-3 Dec (pictured)
Wonderful! Another 'Christmas Carol' and this time it's not a drunk one. This highly acclaimed play is from the Dickens Theatre Company and features a cast of two. "Two of Dickens' closest theatrical companions find themselves trapped in the footlights' glare. With the rest of the cast stuck on a train, actress Frances Ternan and Dickens' faithful tour manager George Dolby take on the daunting challenge of portraying over 30 characters. But, who will play Scrooge?" More here.


Jack And The Beans Talk | Omnibus Theatre | 3, 9, 10 Dec
And now onto family stuff. Though to be fair it feels very much like a continuation of the festive section because these all feel rather... well, festive too. I mean, I guess Jack and his beans aren't strictly for Christmas, but it's defo Christmas-adjacent, and this is definitely a winter thing. But what am I rambling on about?! This looks like a great show from acclaimed puppeteer Iklooshar Malara, so read more info and get your tickets booked here.

Dear Santa | ArtsDepot | 2-24 Dec
If you've ever read (to your children) that book called 'Dear Zoo', you will know full well where 'Dear Santa' is headed. Or, indeed, if you've read author Rod Campbell's 'Dear Santa', on which this show is based. This will be great for tiny ones (recommended for ages two and up) and it also involves a chance to see Santa in his grotto afterwards, which is nice. Lots of opportunities to see it, as it's on until Christmas Eve. Head this way to book.

The Light Princess | The Albany | 2-24 Dec (pictured)
Another great show for young people, this time a modern, electronic musical theatre reimagining of George MacDonald's Scottish fairy tale 'The Light Princess', which explores friendship, creativity and the social model of disability against the backdrop of a snowy winter landscape. "Our heroine just is who she is, and maybe she doesn't need to change to fit in, maybe the world needs to change instead. A kiss from a prince isn't going to cut it this time". Click here for more info.


Alice Cockayne: I Showered Before I Came | Soho Theatre | 28+29 Nov
Now time for some fab and funny shows of the any-season kind, which may come as something of a relief for readers who don't like/don't celebrate/are ambivalent about Christmas stuff. This section of funny stuff could also be termed the Soho Theatre section because, yes, these are all on at that venue. We're starting with Alice Cockayne who won a lot of fans at the old edfringe last summer with this quirky, physical, observational show. Click here.

Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl At Burns Camp | Soho Theatre | 30 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
And... speaking of edfringe, as we so often are, here's another show that's headed to Soho Theatre following a successful August run in the Scottish capital. Krystal Evans' hit debut hour "finds the humour in escaping a house-fire, death, tragedy and mental illness, and how all this has - somewhat ironically - made her life funnier". Highly acclaimed and guaranteed to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Find out more and book tickets here.

Mat Ewins: Mr TikTok | Soho Theatre | 4-9 Dec
Oh and would you look at that? This show was also on at the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It's almost like I was going for a theme here for these tips other than being funny and on at the Soho Theatre. Anyway, it's not the first time Mat Ewins has done a great edfringe show - our writers have written some very complimentary reviews in the past - so you can be assured of a fab time. Head to the the venue website here to find out more.


The Time Machine - A Comedy | Park Theatre | 30 Nov-30 Dec (pictured)
And because it's dreary dark November, how about some more funny stuff? With the focus here less on stand-up type shows and more stuff like this, a theatrical comedy based very loosely on the novel by HG Wells. I am really quite excited about this because, of course, it fits nicely with my almost unhealthy regard for anything involving time travel and time machines, and furthermore, it promises to be hilarious. Hurrah. Click here.

Nightwatchman | The Bill Murray | 29 Nov
This isn't what you'd describe as theatre, actually, as it involves two comedy acts. What I can be sure of, though, is that it will be good. It's a split bill featuring performances from Kit Loyd and Ollie West, and what you can expect is "a mixture of clowning, physical comedy and character comedy from two Gaulier-trained megastars". These guys really are talented and, of course, acclaimed, so don't miss it. See the venue website here.

Garry Starr Performs Everything | Southwark Playhouse Borough | 29 Nov-23 Dec
And finally for this section, some more clowning for you, courtesy of Damien Warren-Smith, the talent behind this much acclaimed and hilarious show (and yes, we saw it at the Fringe a few years back). "Disgraced actor Garry Starr defies his critics by performing every style of theatre imaginable, thus saving the performing arts from extinction. Starr tears through genres with little regard for personal safety and even less regard for art". More here.


Ikaria | The Park Theatre | 28 Nov-2 Dec
Onto some short running theatre and what I anticipate to be a genuine safe space for those of you avoiding the festive stuff. First up, a critically acclaimed love story about finding salvation in someone else. "Simon has returned to university after taking a year out. He wants to get on with his finals and not slip back into old, destructive habits. Mia, a first-year, is embracing the explosive freedom of life away from home. Simon doesn't want to leave his room. But then he meets Mia". More here.

Who Killed My Father | Camden People's Theatre | 28 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
"Growing up gay in a small town in France, Édouard endured the violence and homophobia of his alcoholic, right-wing father, a factory worker. In 2000, his father suffered an accident in the workplace which left him bed-bound and on morphine for the pain. Now, Édouard confronts his father". Another show we heard about via edfringe, based on the book of the same name (well, in French) by French writer Édouard Louis. Info here.

Transit | The Space | 28 Nov-2 Dec
A devised physical theatre piece from migrant-led company Halfpace Theatre that asks how people survive in a world that does not want them, and is drawn from the experience of marginalised artists. "We're all stuck in the same endless cycle, trying to claw our way to the top of a system that wasn't built for us in the first place. But maybe the solution isn't to find a way to win. Maybe the solution is to tear it all down and start anew". More here.


£1 Thursdays | Finborough Theatre | 28 Nov-22 Dec (pictured)
And now we're into longer theatrical runs territory with '£1 Thursdays', a funny coming of age story about best friends Jen and Stacey, exploring what it means to be young, Northern and working class. Brimming with potential, but unable to act on it, they escape to the Ocean Club for freedom from "controlling boyfriends, menopausal mums and the dreaded finality of having to leave school". Book tickets here.

Murder Ballad! | Omnibus Theatre | 3-24 Dec
This is definitely a longer run, but it's not theatre, and it's a bit different, because it's an ongoing murder mystery that's delivered digitally, offering daily instalments - like an advent calendar, I guess - of clues and plot details for you to engage with. Expect: "internet drama, camp restagings, testimonials, thinly veiled political satire, memes, livestream arguments, deep dives, surreal response videos, audio walks and murder. A lot of murder". Read more about it here.

Dreaming And Drowning | Bush Theatre | 28 Nov-23 Dec
"Malachi's been looking forward to a fresh start at uni for months. He's settling in, he's got a stack of books to read and he's met someone new - Kojo, a musician with a megawatt smile, who's basically perfect. But something doesn't feel right". An award winning play that explores the psyche of a young black man who is struggling with anxiety and dealing with crushing nightmares. Read more about the play and book your tickets here.


Moth | The Hope Theatre | 28 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
I called this 'More Great Stuff', but it could equally be called 'More Short Runs', for lo, these are all short runs and so you should make sure you get along to see them toot-sweet so as not to run the risk of missing them. First up is 'Moth', which intrigued me because it's a science fiction play with interesting themes, as it's about "physics, cycles, circles, love and time". See, time stuff. I always find that time stuff alluring. Info here.

Splinter | Jack Studio | 28 Nov-2 Dec
"Maggie is an impulsive free spirit and would like to stay that way. But when her life collides with Jac's, a whole world of new possibilities opens and she finds a stability she didn't know she needed. But life takes a different turn when Maggie and Jac are forced to face the fact that an early onset Dementia diagnosis is going to change the shape of their lives forever". A play about love and memory from award winning writer Martha Loader. Find more info here.

Futures Festival: Mary And Her Monster | Pleasance Theatre | 30 Nov, 1+2 Dec
I was drawn to this one because it's an interactive performance from Catherine Duquette drawing on Mary Shelley and Frankenstein, but it's just one of three work-in-progress shows you could see as part of Pleasance Theatre's Futures Festival in the coming week. The other two are 'A Suffocating Choking Feeling' from TomYumSim and 'FAMEHUNGRY' from Louise Orwin. So maybe you could see them all? See the full festival line up on the Pleasance website here.
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