I was quite excited when I heard that Dave Bibby would be heading to Soho Theatre this week with his J-Park related show 'Baby Dinosaur', because I had heard so many good things about it, not least from one of my own reviewers, who saw it at the 2023 edfringe. 

It's not the first we've heard of him - we've seen him performing with sketch troupe Lead Pencil back in the day - and, of course, he has a varied and interesting career as an actor, comedian and improv-er, that's seen him helping out Derren Brown and pranking Ant & Dec... 

I fired some questions his way, to find out more about the show and the man behind it. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

Dave Bibby performs 'Baby Dinosaur' at the Soho Theatre from 19-20 Jun. See the venue website here for info and to book tickets.

Beginning a run at Soho Theatre this week is 'The Dao Of Unrepresentative British Chinese Experience', created by renowned writer, performer, filmmaker and musician Daniel York Loh.

It's produced by Kakilang - formerly Chinese Arts Now - of which Daniel is an Associate Artistic Director. It's a piece of gig theatre, semi-autobiographical and it sounds amazing.

I wanted to find out more about the themes explored through the play, and about the creative team behind it, so I put some questions to Daniel ahead of opening night. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'The Dao Of Unrepresentative British Chinese Experience' is on at Soho Theatre from 19 Jun-13 Jul. See the venue website here for all the info and to book.

Shows to see in the week ahead - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Sam Wu is NOT Afraid Of Ghosts | Polka Theatre | 22 Jun-18 Aug
I don't think we've had a family section for a couple of weeks at least, so today I am determined to have one for the sake of all your young types in need of entertainment and culture. Let's start over at the Polka Theatre with a show for ages six to twelve adapted from the best selling book of the same name, that many of your small people have probably read. See the venue website here for more info.

The Shivers | New Diorama Theatre | 22 Jun
Here's one for the seven to eleven age bracket, a thriller with twists and turns that's about spies and lies and learning to trust your gut. "Don't worry if things here feel a bit straaange. Or if the hair stands up all over your arms. Or if the snakes won't stop wriggling in the pit of your stomach. That's just The Shivers talking. And you should never listen to The Shivers". Click here.

101 Dalmatians | New Wimbledon Theatre | 22-29 Jun (pictured)
Not just for kids, but I think this one could be a great show for a family outing, though it's probably not one for tiny tots, as the age guidance is that it's okay for fives and up. Anyway, you all know what it's about, so you know it's a great story, and this production is a new musical featuring puppies and puppetry and Kym Marsh. Woohoo. See this page here to book.


Tales For An Unruly Audience | multiple venues | 18-21 Jun (pictured)
We're fairly knee deep in festivals still, though sadly a couple that have been helping fill the festival sections of late are now close to winding down, including the Wandsworth Fringe. That's where you will find 'Tales For An Unruly Audience', an acclaimed storytelling experience where, because of audience participation, no two shows are the same. Expect "myth, mirth and magic", and find out more here.

Second Life | Camden People's Theatre | 22 Jun
The Camden Roar is now perilously close to over, so make sure you check this page here for the full list of shows still left to go on. And definitely think about seeing 'Second Life', a dark comedy about London community and vintage clothes that focuses on three strangers - Agnes, Poppy and Simon - "who get more than they bargained for when items of vintage clothing reveal to be more than just sustainable". Click here.

Little Betty Launch | Roundhouse | 23 Jun
Events on as part of The Last Word festival seem to sell out so quickly I feel sure many of you must already have your tickets. But just in case, here's a reminder that the spoken word fest is still ongoing, and that the great line up of events includes this poetry publication launch featuring readings from the poets set to be published - Kareem Parkins-Brown, Suzannah Evans, Olivia Douglass, Jackson Phoenix Nash and Ciara Maguire. Click here.


L'Animale | Old Bailey Grand Hall | 22-23 Jun
Like I said, lots of festival stuff, almost enough to justify two sections, so we've gone with that. This show is from LIFT 2024 (London International Festival Of Theatre), it's on at the historic Old Bailey, and it's by Chiara Bersani, a renowned Italian performer known for pushing the boundaries of dance. Here she uses her body to explore themes of loneliness and mortality. Find out more about it here.

Standing In The Shadows Of Giants | Omnibus Theatre | 24-29 Jun
Back to the 96 Festival at the Omnibus Theatre, which, I am sure you will remember, is a celebration of queerness and theatre. This show is an autobiographical work about living in the shadow of your rockstar younger brother, and it's by Lucie Barât, so you may well be able to work out which member of The Libertines is her brother. The show features music co-written with Carl and Pete, see this page here for more.

House Of Life | Soho Theatre | 18 Jun-6 Jul (pictured)
As has become vaguely traditional now (well, it's happened a couple of times), one pick in the festival sections isn't on at a festival, but is here because of its festival credentials - ie, this show was a big hit up at the Edinburgh Fringe and that's how we heard about it and that's why we are mentioning it. It's a big, happy, euphoric sort of a show, and everyone loved it, so don't question it, just book here.


Jupiter's Ghost | The Cockpit | 22-23 Jun
It's a little bit rare for us to have enough dance/physical theatre things to create a whole section, so this feels quite special. As does this interesting piece of work, a science fiction play exploring conservation, political morality and space exploration that integrates elements of dance and movement. "In the future, the connection between humans and artificial intelligence has gradually blurred. Do any ghosts of humanity still remain?" Click here.

Fray | Lilian Baylis Studio | 21-22 Jun (pictured)
This one is about Tullio and Ziya, brothers whose connection is threatened when the latter is lured into a spellbinding virtual world, leaving his sibling stuck in a real-life battle to restore their relationship. The show features music, hip hop dance, large screen visuals and spoken word, and explores the nature of what it means to be human. For more information and to book tickets see this page here.

Pleasure Chapters: No More Salad | Bread & Roses Theatre | 18-22 Jun
I had to think long and hard before recommending this show, if I am honest, because I really love salad and I was struggling with the violent rhetoric employed against it in the title. But I do like the sound of this production, which explores beauty standards, health and body image through dance and storytelling, offering a "playful clash" with diet culture and a call to embrace freedom from it. See the venue website here to find out more.


Defective Inspector: An American Odyssey and A Stitch In Time | New Wimbledon Theatre | 19 Jun (pictured)
I think I have probably recommended both of the Defective Inspector shows that make up this alluring double bill when they were being staged singly, so I feel rather pleased to be able to tip them both at the same time like this. Expect "two hilarious hours of (unconvincing) romance, (sloppy) action and (tenuous) espionage", and don't miss it, it's one night only. Click here.

Locomotive For Murder | Greenwich Theatre | 21-22 Jun
You know we love improv, right? Okay, well maybe you don't know. But we do and we love it when we see interesting formats for it. This one sees four characters boarding a train, one of whom will not survive. Fortunately (as you might expect) a world famous detective just happens to be on board to - with the help of the audience - crack the case. Find out more about it here.

Where you Go | Etcetera Theatre | 21-22 Jun
"Aniyah and Finn's relationship is uncertain following a breakdown of their musical partnership. As tensions rise and the apocalypse looms, can they find harmony amidst the chaos?" A brand new show promising a mixture of light hearted and heart wrenching moments, a kitchen sink drama featuring music and song. Head to the venue's listings here for all the info.
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